Finding Cheap Auto Insurance In The Modern Day

I’ve been with several auto insurance companies over the years and my experiences have been wildly different with each company. I’ve paid top dollar for excellent full coverage auto insurance, not left wanting for anything, and then there’s been times where I’ve had no choice but to pay a ton of money for awful coverage. Times were barely anything was covered and the few things that were had ridiculous excesses. Ridiculous to the point where the only benefit to be insured was because it’s legally required to do so. Luckily, at that time I had no accidents and no other need to claim so I was fine. But back then, it would only take a minor accident to really put a dent in my wallet.

So when shopping around this time, the burning question on my mind was:

Who has the cheapest auto insurance?

Like I said previously, I’ve already splashed out a lot of money for close to zero coverage. I’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt. So now I’m looking to find the cheapest. I want to see if things can work the other way round. Can I get dirt cheap auto insurance that still provides me with the coverage I need? I think I can if I look hard enough. And if I’m smart enough to know where to look. Namely, online.

Things are different these days. One click online and you can find almost anything you could want. When I was younger, you had to rely on pawing through business directories and going through endless phone calls. Or you had to rely on word of mouth and hope that someone you know is already getting a good deal on auto insurance. The insurance companies could demand a lot more from you because they knew how painstaking it was having to call up a hundred different companies. They knew that you would eventually settle on a somewhat reasonable price, even if you could get a drastically cheaper price by continuing the search.

But with the internet, it’s not longer the case. It takes seconds to flip through the pages of tons of different insurance companies. Much quicker to fire of an email and get a quote than ringing up and being left on hold for hours. Many sites even have built in web forms so you can get an accurate quote right there and then without even having to deal with pushy salesmen at all.

I haven’t found the who has cheapest auto insurance yet but as my search continues, I’m greeted with cheaper and cheaper prices with far better coverage than I would’ve got previously for twice the price. By the way here’s a decent website I found for quotes:

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