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Find The Best Electricians Tulsa

I’ve hired some bad workmen over the years. Of course, I’ve had many pleasant experiences too but if you have to hire as many as I have, you tend to remember the bad experiences more.

I remember my septic tank was full and I had to hire someone to come and collect all of the waste with one of their specialist trucks. He pulled up to my property in this big truck and got out with his clean and pristine company uniform. He looked real professional and it filled me with confidence.

He was messing around with his truck, trying to attach pipes to valves and just generally out of his depth. It was about this time that my confidence in him began to wane.

He had failed to connect the pipe properly to the tank when he began to suck out the waste. We could hear this jamming sound and when he went to check the other end, the waste spilled out. All over the poor fellows face. His company uniform didn’t look too nice after that and neither did my yard. That was just a funny yet vile situation that was easy to clean up and deal with.

Another time, things weren’t that safe. Me and the family had just moved to this big, old house. A huge and beautiful stately home, but old. The wiring needed to be upgraded completely. We got a guy out and it looked like he knew what he was doing. I thought the job would take a lot longer than it did but he claimed it was all set up and ready to go.

My family were woken up by black smoke and flames a couple nights later. Luckily, we all managed to get out unharmed but half of the house was burned to a crisp. I learnt my lesson to always be very careful when hiring electricians. You must hire the best and make sure they’re reputable.

There are an abundance of Tulsa electricians so make sure you properly vet them and that nothing slips through the cracks. Hire the best. Don’t settle. I was lucky not to be burned alive in my home, but others weren’t so lucky. Be safe.

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