New car insurance, new baby, everything’s changing!

When we found out we were having another baby it was a surprise, to say the least. We didn’t plan on having a third. We were just finally getting out credit card debt paid down. I’d found the perfect part time job that let me work nights and only required 16 hours a week. Plus, my husband got a promotion at work. Things were on the up and up, financially.

And then that familiar feeling hit me, nausea and utter exhaustion. This time it was like I had never experienced before to the extent that I thought something was really wrong with me. Because it wasn’t like my previous two pregnancies at all.

We soon came to find out that, yes, I was in fact pregnant. Not only was I pregnant. I was pregnant with twins. Twins! We doubled the number of kids we had in one pregnancy!

Needless to say, I was freaking out. Seriously. We’d finally turned a corner and I didn’t know what we were going to do. My husband was from a big family and stayed calm. He’s usually the voice of reason. Once the shock wore off, we sat down and thought about how we could cut back to save as much as we could.

Our credit wasn’t great. I mean, it wasn’t horrible, but it needed work. We tried to change electric companies but they wanted a big deposit. Then, we tried to change cable companies and they wanted a big deposit. We were a bit desperate when I thought about our car insurance. Would we be able to find very cheap car insurance with no deposit?

As it turns out, we were able to find exactly that. It saved us a decent amount of money every month, too. We also cut back on our cell phone plans and cable package. There is something to be said about only using your smartphone when you’re attached to wifi. We were able to drop of data usage to the lowest amount and saved even more every month.

We were so stable by the time I had the twins that I was able to take a full maternity leave without worrying about how we were going to pay the bills. Which was really nice because, let me tell you, twins are no joke. It’s going to be probably three years until I get to sleep at night again but it’s worth it. They’re exactly what our family was missing. Also looks like this summers vacation to our friend’s cottage in ontario is off. No time! or room!

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